What is Liposuction?


Reasons to consider?

  • You want to reduce the size of your nose.
  •  You want to correct an imperfection involving your nose.
  • You want to alleviate a breathing problem.

Rhinoplasty generally takes a few hours to perform, depending on the extent of the procedure. Incisions are made inside the rim of the nostril, as well as in the skin separating the nostrils. The soft tissue within the nose is then separated from the underlying structure of bone and sculpted to the desired shape. The nasal bones are carefully fractured and sculpted with a chisel when the patient wishes to reduce the overall size of the nose or remove a bump in the bridge. Cartilage is trimmed to reshape the tip of the nose, and the septum is trimmed to improve the angle between the upper lip and the nose. A splint is then applied to the nose, and the nostrils are packed lightly with medicated gauze. The stitches used to close internal incisions are self-absorbing and don’t require removal.


After surgery, mainly within the first twenty-four hours, your face will feel extremely puffy. Your nose might ache and a dull headache is possible, but all of this can be treated with medication. Swelling and bruising around your eyes will increase at first, peaking after two or three days, and will then begin to subside. You can resume wearing contact lenses after a few days, but glasses must be avoided for a few weeks. It will take several weeks before your nose is completely healed and you can resume full physical activity.

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